Crooks & Castles: Son of Crooks Crew Sweatshirt

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Crooks & Castles without a doubt has the Franny Says Stamp of Approval for several reasons. For one, they make the best clothes and accessories for both men and women giving us both a edgy yet polished look. Secondly, their collaborations outside of apparel is awesome like their partnership with Monopoly that we blogged about HERE previously. Lastly, they have the stamp because their items bares my last name; CROOKS! Owwww *does the wop*. Lol. But seriously, just take a look at their new Son of Crooks Crew Sweatshirt which is a play on the hit TV series; Sons of Anarchy. The actual design is eye-catching. The gold frame around the head gives it a more artsy feel that any stylish person can appreciate. If you’re over the brisk weather and refuse to buy another sweater, don’t fret. The Son of Crooks also comes as a t-shirt. Different colors are also available as an option. Options are always good. Go to to make your choice.

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*Thank Me Later*

~ Franny Crooks


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