Franny Says 12 Days of Christmas: Do Your Body Good





With Christmas just a few days away, Franny Says is still dedicated to giving all of you readers the best gift ideas for your loved ones. Body products are one of the top gifts people receive for the holidays. With that said, we decided to come up with a list of items that can be gifted to those who love to treat their body good.


There is nothing like coming home from a long day of work to a cozy warm bath. Bathing has been proven to be very relaxing and therapeutic but it is even sweeter when you make it a experience. Dim the lights, light a few candles and bring out your best products. What a great experience to gift someone especially if it comes with this Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath. Besides the packaging being beyond magnificent with the added honey dipper, the benefits of this product is even better. When you drop some of this Honey Bath in the water expect to get out of the bathtub feeling like a newborn baby. It provides the skin with an immense amount of moisture and the combines scents will cling to you hours. We all know that Laura Mercier products are a bit pricey but in this instance, a little goes a long way making this purchase well worth it. The lucky recipient of this gift will truly thank you as well as their skin. Get yourself a jar of this good stuff —>HERE<—.



After seeing Kimo Bentley on the Bethenny Frankel show getting a brand makeover on her already great product; Shea Gourmet, we made it our mission to try it out. Kimo sent us some samples of her products but the Ultimate Body Moisturizer was the true winner! This shea butter based cream is so moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling smooth all day long. When we read the ingredients, we found that everything Kimo uses is natural and as a shocker, we found that there is a bit of tumeric added in. Tumeric has great benefits on your skin. It aides your skin against aging and acne. This product paired with Kimo’s Secret Shea Oatmeal Bar Soap is a match made in heaven. If you order one, we suggest you order the other. You can go to in order to do that.



Facial Exfoliating Brushes are becoming a huge trend. Both men and women are using them to obtain cleaner and clearer skin. Clinique has climbed aboard the exfoliating brush ship and has produced their new product; the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. If you know someone who is looking to remove makeup from their face with ease or even deep clean their face, this product is perfect for them. Just add a cleanser to the head of the brush and massage into your face using a circular motion. This Sonic System will leave your face feeling so clean. Definitely a great product that will be the real MVP in your medicine cabinet.

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