Franny Says 12 Days of Christmas: Gifts For A JetSetter



Shopping for a JetSetter can be a bit difficult because they aren’t home long enough to even know what they do or don’t need. The best option for this type of person is to get them something that they can use when using their frequent flyer miles. Below are several options and travel essentials that you can gift to your favorite traveler.



Having all your devices charged up when traveling is crucial. Technology withdrawal can easily take over your well being if; let’s say your phone dies. To prevent this from happening, let’s always make sure to pack a USB Charger and Happy Plugs just so happens to have really fun colorful ones. If your device uses a Micro-USB Charger, then just pack this up and go. So your device uses a lightning charger? Don’t worry because they also have the same array of colors for that type of charge as well. The packaging is sleek and compact which we love. It can fit easily into any carry-on. Fashionable charging right at your finger tips. has you covered.



Being able to travel light is everyone’s dream because lugging a suitcase through an airport just isn’t fun. So looking for compact things that do not take up a lot of space and weight is a plus when it comes to items to pack. This is why we love these Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding Classic sunnies. First of all, you can do no wrong with Wayfarers. They look great on everyone no matter what color you choose but the bonus is knowing that you can fold these bad boys up and stick them anywhere. How awesome is that! You will be ready for the sun in a matter of no time with these with extra room in your bag for the sunscreen. If you go to Ray-Bans site, you can purchase these for just $155.

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We are loving this impressive company; Knomo and here is why. They are the best company to turn to when you need a stylish portable organizer. This contraption holds everything from your Ipad Air or 10-inch tablet to your phone. If you need to always have a pen ready to take down some new contact information, there is a spot dedicated just to that. There are slots to house your credit cards as well as your passport. All of this in one place when traveling is just great. Let’s not forget that it is made out of leather giving it a luxe look and feel. This is what we call traveling in style. If you are looking for a one stop shop place for your things so there is limited fumbling while traveling, this is perfect! Go to for that peace of mind.

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