Franny Says 12 Days of Christmas: Hand Over Those Handbags


Handbags are one of the top most purchased items for women ANY given holiday. You know… You have your typical Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag on the Wishlist but we came up with a list of handbags that will have everyone wondering who created it and where they can get their hands on one.



First up we have this gorgeously made Python Fringe Tote bag by this Power House company; The Lookbook Philosophy. Ayanna Listenbee is the designer of this bag she likes to call Presidio which is a very unique name much like her own. This tote is made of embossed lamb material on the exterior and soft pink suede fabric in the interior. In order to keep order inside your bag, there is a pocket for your throw-ins and one just for your cellphone. Now do you see why we are calling this company a Power House? To learn more about this sexy tote bag and its designer, click —>HERE<— to get to their website.



What woman doesn’t like a cute printed clutch bag? This Red Lady 2.0 clutch by Moruka Designs is just one of many in their line of bags. All of their products are individually made by hand and beautifully made at that. Every handbag is designed with the thought of Guyana in mind which is the homeland of the Designer; Julie G. Each handbag someway, somehow resonates with her culture. Designing with meaning. This clutch is only 80 bucks which is a steal for a handmade item. You can go to to get this Red Lady 2.0 or you can purchase one of her other brilliant pieces.




TopShop has some great handbag options this season. They are the place you go to when you want something of great quality without the high ticketed price. This Leather Holdall bag is just that. It’s leather and it can hold all of your daily needs in one place. The extra long strap allows you to carry the bag well over your shoulder for comfort and ease. This bag is only $125. That’s a great price for a great bag which even makes a greater gift when you don’t buy it yourself.


Have you heard of Anya Hindmarch? She’s the woman behind the infamous, “I Am Not A Plastic Bag” totes that a sea of celebrities were seen wearing a few years back. Since then, Anya has continued to create more handbags that all woman would love to get their hands on. Take this Georgiana Victory Clutch for instance. How awesome is it and not just because it is made out of Goatskin leather with 3 slots to hold your credit cards. The graphics on it makes it even more magnificent. The googly eyes stitched right into the bag with the “Peace” hand gesture drawn right on it. You just have to yearn for this bag. There are several exclusive online retailers who sells this bag and —>HERE<— is one of them.

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