Franny Says 12 Days Of Christmas: Personalized Jewelry


The pressure is now on! That’s right, Christmas is just 12 days away and will be making shopping a little bit easier for you. We will be giving you all great gift ideas to give your loved ones starting with a luxe selection of personalized jewelry. Who doesn’t like when something is specifically made just for them? Everyone loves a little personalization and being that it takes a little while to be made, we figured that we will give this to you first. Below are some great choices that you can’t go wrong with when purchasing. Just be sure to cross your T’s and dot your I’s when placing the order. We would hate for your giftee to get a name necklace with their name spelled wrong. Ooops!

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Melanie Marie has been serving the world with great quality products for years now. They started out selling luxe handbags and accessories to now making a fortune selling custom jewelry. Melanie Marie has everything from personalized earrings, bracelets to this awesome knuckle ring. This knuckle ring is already on trend and then to have your own name scripted into it is just a plus! You can choose from gold, rose gold and sterling silver plating as well as your ring size on the website. The only limitation is that you have up to 6 letters but that’s more than enough lettering to get creative. This knuckle ring is a great gift option, so if you’re looking to bring some Christmas cheer to someone this year, do so with this ring or any of the custom items on It’s a win/win either way.


Let’s be honest here. Most men do not wear personalized jewelry but how can we leave out the guys? We found the perfect gift for them by Brevity. They have these sexy Signature Tie Clips for a man who likes the finer things in life. The clips are small in size but huge in making a statement with just this bit of detail. What makes Brevity extra special is that they take the customization to the next level. There is no special font that they use to create the look because they use your own signature written by YOU! How exciting is that? You just upload a picture of your signature and they use their expertise and technology to create it. Now that’s gifting at it’s best! This Signature Tie Clip will cost you from $195 to about $1,800 depending on the finish you choose. And ladies, there is no need to roll your eyes in jealousy, Brevity has great options for you also. Click —>HERE<— to get the gifting! Happy Shopping!

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Nordstrom has a Online Exclusive just for you all. They are selling Argento Vivo Personalized Nameplates with a Birthstone in the necklace. With just a little bit of research on your lovies birthday and birthstone, this gift will be a success. The birthstone right by the collarbone adds to its chicness and some sex appeal that we love. This design is definitely sophisticated enough for that woman CEO and playful enough for your fashionable niece in high school. It’s the perfect token of I Love You. Since this necklace is only sold on, you have to go to their website to place the order. Guess what else! They are giving the gift of free shipping right now when you purchase one of these Argento Vivo pieces. Go there right now and order so that you can get it just in time for Christmas.

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