Franny Says 12 Days of Christmas: Tech Lover Stocking Stuffers



Most of the world have become one with technology. It’s claim to fame is to make life much more simple and sleek, if you will. With that said, we found some of the most sleekest techie products that can fit right into the stocking for some additional little gifts but with a kick!





Everyone one is obsessed with their Smart Phones. You walk down a busy New York City Street and everyone has their heads down checking their social media threads. Now, brands are making it easier to access your phone without fumbling through pockets and purses while keeping you looking stylish. Bandolier is one of those companies who have created this fashionable and wearable phone case. You just slip your phone into it and can wear it around your shoulder like a handbag. If you have a Bluetooth headset, even better because you will be totally hands free. Located in the back of the Bandolier case are two slots to hold your cards in. They have assorted styles and colors ranging from as little as 40 bucks to $125! You can’t beat the price for a multifunctional fashionable accessory such as this. Don’t waste another second in admiration of this masterpiece, go to to purchase.

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Let’s start out by saying that this Kodak PixPro SP360 is a game changer! Why you ask? Let’s just do a quick run down for you.

360° Viewing Range!!!
10 Frames Per Second
1080P Video
The Ability To Control It With Your iPhone or Android
Shockproof, Weatherproof & Waterproof

This tiny camera has the ability to give you so many options to shoot a picture or video that the creativity level for Instagram and Youtube just got higher. Put this in the stocking of your Tech Lover and they will LOVEEEEE you! Click —>HERE<— to watch some videos of how they work and to also get your hands on one before they are sold out!





This is a stocking stuffer that everyone can love. Feast your eyes on the Kenu Stance. Yes! This pocket-sized gadget is tripod for your iPhone or Android phone. All you do is attach the Stance to your device through the charging connectivity port and there you have it. Super easy! The Stance allows you to position your device in different positions to capture the perfect lighting or shot. You can also use it to prop up your phone while watching a movie. Just when you thought that this was the end of its functionality, we are hear to let you know that it also can be used as a beer bottle opener. No! We are not kidding. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below and see for yourself. Then you can go to to purchase one.

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~Franny Crooks

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