Have you heard of Bento Boxes? If you have not, it is a Japanese traditional boxed lunch with some style. The Japanese would create art with their food and pack it as lunch for their spouse or children. Creating panda characters out of rice and seaweed strips to cheese taking the form of stars, the Bento Box art is endless. Another great thing about these boxes are the fact that they allow you to have control over your portion sizes contributing to healthy eating and weight loss if that is what you’re aiming for. More than ever before, Bento lunches are becoming a trend around the world and with that comes an overload of Bento lunchboxes that one can choose from. One company that really stands out is PlanetBox because they are taking the lunchbox to a whole new level. Their lunchbox is completely made up of stainless steel which aides in keeping your food fresh throughout the day. If you have some left over spaghetti and meat balls, no need in worrying about soaking your container overnight just to get the pasta sauce stains out because no stain is left behind in this PlanetBox. Another great thing about this product are the three size options that are available to so that you can cater to your own appetite. If your child loves their Batman lunchbox and would have a hard time parting ways with it for a PlanetBox, they don’t have anything to be concerned about because they also allow you to customize your box. How awesome is that! PlanetBox lunchboxes are a little on the pricey side compared to your average tupperware set but the durability and functionality of them makes it well worth it. Prices for PlanetBox lunchboxes go from about $35 up to $75 but just think that you won’t have to purchase another lunchbox for years. If you like to invest in yourself and your health, go to and order your own customized lunchbox.



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